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This song delivers brutality… and melody… It has the best of both worlds…
It’s been worth waiting for it… Coming back with a song like this is really refreshing!

The Sound of the Embryo – Noticias

En su nuevo videoclip «Home Bitter Home», irradian capacidad técnica e imaginación, un buen derroche de creatividad, cuidando mucho los detalles para ofrecer un contemporáneo metal agresivo y melódico a partes iguales.

MĀRA estrena videoclip «Home Bitter Home»

Trivia time. What do Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork and Six Feet Under bassist Jeff Hughell have in common? They both appeared on the 2020 EP “Self-Destruct. Survive. Thrive!” from Riga Latvia Death Thrash Groove collective MĀRA, that’s what. Four years on the band have announced a home town show with a new single in “Devil Herself”…

MĀRA premier “Devil Herself” – Metal Noise

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This music video will change your life!!! Life Kills is a SUPER powerful song by MĀRA and this REACTION by Songs and Thongs just had to be shared!

Award-winning Latvian metal band “Māra” performs in Riga

On Saturday, 25 March, Latvian death / thrash / groove metal band “Māra” will perform at Riga club “Melnā Piektdiena”, TVNET was notified by the concert organisers.

“This will be a very important event for us, and we don’t know if it will be our only concert in Latvia this year, so come!” Māra said.


After a three-year break, the Latvian Metal Music of the Year awards were presented. The best records of 2020, 2021 and 2022, as well as the debutants of the past year, were determined.

“Best Record of 2020” category: “Māra” – “Self-destruct. Survive. Thrive!”

World Today News article

I can’t wait to hear a full length out of this band. This EP and the prior Therapy speak of how directly, deeply satisfying it has the potential to be, and Māra feel like a band who are going to have ever more and more to give and say going forward.

Self Destruct is another razor sharp set of rock-solid tunes that has a great deal to give any listener.

MĀRA – Self Destruct. Survive. Thrive. – (8.5/10)

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The drumming on this track is outstanding…

The [guitar] solo is impeccable…

The bass is grooving…

She has a really interesting [vocal] range…

The Therapeutics of Screaming by Māra Lisenko, and Katie from Heavy Metal Therapy .

“Absolutely delighted with this guest blog from Māra, extreme vocalist, screaming coach, and student of Melissa Cross of Zen of Screaming. Here are her reflections on the therapeutic value of screaming for her and her students. We think it’s fab 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

‘The Therapeutics of Screaming’ on Heavy Metal Therapy Blog

‘Self-Destruct. Survive. Thrive!’ is in general an excellent display of a progressive form of Death Metal with brilliant addressed topics and excellent exciting music.

The band did well in varying the tempos internally in some songs and externally between one song and the other, as well as adding to the already variant vocals of Māra Lisenko.

MĀRA, Sold, & Neon Empire – Triple EP Review by FemMetal