Be-long Now-here

Belong nowhere
Be long now here

Running around joining different tribes
Switching masks to get the highest ranks
Just to find a nowhere to belong

Hide behind versatility
Call it your broad view but in reality
You’re searching for a place to fit in

Beggar for the appreciation
Starving from the lack of praise
You give others the right
To determine your worth
Trying to meet
All expectations

Trading your authenticity
For a promise of likeability
You trade your self-respect away

Try to find yourself on the outside
The search is over

Your true belonging
Has always been within
To stay true to yourself
Be ready to stand alone

Belong nowhere
Be long now here

Please everyone
Belong nowhere
Own your story
Be long now here

Be long now here

© MĀRA 2018

MĀRA, Therapy For An Empath, EP Cover 2018
published on “Therapy For An Empath” EP