Life Kills (Fear)

The first step I take into the brand-new world
With my arms wide open
Innocent and vulnerable
My sincere smile
Met with punch in the face
What the fuck happened?
Why the hell me?
Next awake
Convinces of a mistake
And next move is met
By a brick smashing my face
Blood covers and embosoms
Sight blinded
No warning signs
For a fight without a rule

Eternity passes
Me, blood and the ground
Thoughts of the existence
Rhetoric questions echo
Silence suppresses
Voices in the head scream
Begging for a help
Voice never follows

Pain caresses and numbs my nerves
Reminding me that I am still alive

Next round
Sounds from a distance return
What do I have left?
What do I do?
Thoughts so loud
Life goes by in a blink of an eye
An eclipse of mind
Gives body a shot of power
If death is here to take me
She’ll take me standing
Hard knocks can destroy the body
But never my soul
Full of adrenaline and hatred
I am ready to fight till the last breath
To leave in grace

Fighting ring of lifetime
Governed by destiny
Your life’s your opponent
God’s just an observing judge
Loudness releases
Voices in the head shut
I am my own help
Now my voice screams

Adrenaline fills and stings my veins
Reminding me that I’m about to die

Life kills.
Life kills. Fear!
Life kills fear.

Hurt I run in rage against my life
Destroying her I hope to stay alive
Tough love that she gave
Taught me to survive
Pain supposed to kill
Brought strength to fight
Life smiles, applauds and raises up my arm
Announcing victory
Of toughest lessons learned
No one left to fight ‘cause fear is not real

Life kills
Life kills. Fear!
Life kills fear.

© MĀRA 2019

MĀRA EP Self Destuct Survive Thrive Cover 2020
published on “Self Destruct. Survive. Thrive!” EP