Beauty Of Humanity

Brutal truth
Smashes your face against the wall
Cut enough wounds open
To feast on your blood
You’re dragged behind a car
Barely alive
Still asked to smile and hide all your pain

Bones broken to pieces
Flesh hanging out
A blood soaked skin
Hand me a business suit
To cover it up
Hand me a gag
With the smile hooks
To self destruct

Simplicity the beauty of humanity
Opening up with no fear of rejection
Where have we lost our sincerity?
Why can’t we hold each others hand
When we’re all in pain

Run faster
Grab all you can get
Fuck everyone
Your neighbor is your enemy
Don’t show your affection
Someone will exploit it
Don’t show you’re weak
Only strongest survive
Numb your emotions
So they don’t mess with you
Callousness is a new
Global trend to follow
Beware of closeness
Someone will hurt you
But I’m not scared to be burned
To experience love

I have seen animation in your dead cold stare
I know somewhere deep inside you still feel
Why can’t we praise our vulnerability?
We could get closer to each other
And acknowledge our pain

Give me your hand
I will heal all your fractures
Open up your heart
So I can pour my love in
Step into the unknown
I’ll be there to guide you
Surrender to me I’ll embrace you
With the beauty of humanity

Smash, crash, break
Save, fix, heal

© MĀRA 2020

MĀRA EP Self Destuct Survive Thrive Cover 2020
published on “Self Destruct. Survive. Thrive!” EP