Don’t Look Back In Grief

Don’t cry over my dead body
Don’t visit the grave
I am no longer here
My rotting body turns into the Earth
I have returned home

My body is gone
Visit me in the past
Remember the good
Forgetting the past

Cherish the memories
Go on with your life
Don’t regret what has been lost
Look for what can be gained

Cry your eyes out
Respect the pain
Let it go
And move forward

No dead man wants you to obsess with them
Some souls are lost
There’s too many others around

Let it go
Let me go
Don’t chain me in your memories
I want you to create a new ones

Your life and your time
The most valuable things you possess
Don’t waste them on looking back in grief

Let me go
I let you go
I am gone
You’re still here
It’s not the end
Just beginning of a new cycle
One phase ends another begins

I’m gone by rotting autumn leaves
There’s no way of return
But the new ones will sprout
When the spring comes
And life continues

Let me go…

© MĀRA 2020

MĀRA EP Self Destuct Survive Thrive Cover 2020
published on “Self Destruct. Survive. Thrive!” EP