Sell Your Soul

The more you get the less you feel
Satisfaction of what you’ve achieved
The more you get the more you want
Hooked, addicted, high on greediness

Sell your soul
Bury consciousness
Walk over everyone

You don’t care who you hurt
Who you let down,
Whose throat you cut open
All what matters for you is a success,
Power and all the fucking riches in the world

Love is a matter of conquering stuff
Get more to be loved
Self-worth is addicted to fame
So rise above the crowd!

Sell your soul
Buy happiness
Tear down joy.
Earn more!

Pay me more
And I will be your friend!
Buy me more
To show you really care
Praise me more
And maybe I’ll be nice to you too..

Grasp what you can to survive
Poverty is worse than death
You can’t Oh no you can’t afford to do
meaningful work for the sake of idea.
It’s a fucking waste of time!

So tell me exactly
How much do you ask for your soul?
Foooor hoow much
Would you sell the trust?

Sell your soul
Get all you want
But in return
I own your life

© MĀRA 2018

MĀRA, Therapy For An Empath, EP Cover 2018
published on “Therapy For An Empath” EP