MĀRA is back – with the same band but with new ideas.

The saddest news of the end of last year among Latvian heavy music lovers was the news about the dissolution of the beloved band “Māra”. Fortunately, the band’s leader, Māra Lisenko, currently living in Austria, and her colleagues quickly realized that they still had something to say, and they are back on the line – with a new song and video, new ideas and new determination.

Metāla Māra atgriežas – ar to pašu grupu, bet jaunām idejām

Is it possible to make money from metal music in Latvia?

Latvian extreme vocalist Māra started singing at the age of three. Her mother, like her, was a teacher and led a church choir. She now lives in Austria, but sometimes performs in Latvia. The bright girl with her unique vocal techniques has long been noticed in the local metal music scene. But she didn’t come to this kind of music straight away…

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Vai Latvijā ir iespējams nopelnīt ar metālmūziku?

50-minute Māra Lisenko interview by Helle Bogdanova (Ignea Band)

Māra Lisenko on extreme metal vocals, collabs, tours, home studio & most annoying interview question.

Interview with Māra Lisenko from the band MĀRA by Metal DNA

Well-known Latvian extreme metal singer and vocal coach Māra Lisenko sent The Metal Chef her favourite dish, vegan Borscht…

Enjoy the video and afterwards enjoy the experiance of cooking vegan Borscht.

Cooking with the Artists – Māra’s Vegan Borscht

Darkzen: ¡La banda de mara es fuerza, pesadez! ¿En tu opinión y para tus fans que otro adjetivo pondrías?

Māra: ¡¡Locura!! Tienes que vernos tocar en vivo para presenciar eso ;)

Interview with Māra Lisenko on Darkzen Metal Angels [in Spanish]

Darkzen: Mara band is strength, heaviness! In your opinion and for your fans that another adjective would you put?

Māra: Insanity!! You have to watch us perform live to witness that ;)

Interview with Māra Lisenko on Darkzen Metal Angels

Māra Lisenko in a Skype interview with Dani Zed.

MĀRA provide some insights on their first European Tour. (© Jan Vervaeke)