by Māra Lisenko and Katie (from Heavy Metal Therapy)

The idea that screaming may be a cathartic and therapeutic experience has been around since the late 60’s when psychotherapist Arthur Janov proposed the benefits of ‘primal scream therapy’. This approach has not been without controversy but has the central idea that the release of intense emotions (often related to childhood trauma by Janov’s model) via screaming or other non-censored expression helps with processing difficult feelings.

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Vocal Warm-up by Mara Lisenko

Māra Lisenko announces a new Vocal Warm-Up program. It is suitable for all level singers, all voice types, genres/styles, and is recorded in very broad ranges. 

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Māra Lisenko tells her vocal story

My vocal story

I started to sing when I was 3 years old. My mother was a church leader so I HAD TO sing. Later I went to music school, learned to play violin and guitar. I was convinced that my music path was destined to be an instrumentalist. It all changed suddenly.

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