Vocal Warm-Up by Māra Lisenko

Vocal Warm-up by Mara Lisenko

Māra Lisenko announces a new Vocal Warm-Up program. It is suitable for all level singers, all voice types, genres/styles, and is recorded in very broad ranges. 

Not only it will be your best companion for warming up your voice before gigs, karaokes and rehearsals but it will also be your learning tool for expanding singing range, working on coordination and intonation.

This program is suitable for every day use and it’s usable for a LIFETIME. No need to look for another warm-up program, here’s everything your voice will ever need. Her Vocal Warm-Up program consists of 9 exercises – both for male and female voices – and it will take only 14 minutes to complete.

Let your voice shine! *
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* This program is also available in Latvian